Colors used in the home and define the personality

The colors are elements that determine the character or personality of a person and for women is much more important to reflect their emotions and feelings through primary or secondary colors, which may reflect even in home decoration.

colors used in the home

The colors have always had some sort of meaning, and for girl is no exception, because depending on how you feel and what you like, try to reflect on their things, their dress and even their space. For other women, it presents the case that evaluate life and they need to make a change in their surroundings and way of thinking, perhaps, was a way to zoom out the bad vibrations and bad situations. To achieve this, it is good to give a new look to your own home and most viable redesign, change color the walls of the house or apartment, choose a new style that is full of color, but rather that help revitalize the mind and body of someone who lives there.

Red is one of the many colors that can be somewhat shocking for its lively tone, but you have to remember is that your range is very wide and can make combinations with very lit red or maybe a little cold and inclined to red wine. Girls can choose between a red apple or a tomato that are very vibrant and usually are those that use who are decisive, optimistic, social, passionate, or between a red wine can be a little colder, but at the both sober and elegant. The best combinations are achieved with the white and the black.

Blue is another color whose palette is extensive, ranging from cakes, dark and strong and lit. If girl is quite sentimental but guided towards melancholy, it can be tilted by a sky blue color, in addition to reveal your personality quite compassionate, denotes peace and security. A mixture with beige or white can be sensational.

Green is the color of hope, health and life, and diversity in shades can facilitate play with textures and lines on the walls. There will always be a relationship between this color and the natural, which makes who is in a space painted this color, feel totally balanced and happy.

Yellow is an option for those who feel they need a dose of energy every day, it is a color that revitalizes, produces happiness and freedom, but this shade also goes hand in hand with those who are very intellectual and so overall, adventurous, so it is easy to find among the combinations, yellow next to an earth tone or white.

The violet or purple goes hand in hand with the girls and reflect a person who is quite dramatic, yet delicate, very artistic, they do not like the ordinary or the monotony and who want to make themselves known by small details.