Colors to show off your bathroom

Thinking about redecorating the bathroom? Add a touch of color to the most intimate room of the home and makes for a most welcoming atmosphere.

color bathroom

The bathroom is not a stay without more. Personal and private, this corner is without doubt the most reserved and important of the home. It is for this reason that the choice of decoration can not be left to chance, or the price, or … You have to pamper the details and never lose taste. The design and functionality must go hand in hand and color could become the real protagonist.

Forget tradition and let your imagination as you usually do when decorating the living room or bedroom. In the bathroom, let creativity flow and breaks stereotypes.

This season imposed geometric shapes, colors and clenching. The trends are opposed, orange and red colors are combined and discussed in duel with more neutral tones like chocolates, grays and sand.

Do you want the copper bathroom a special sense? Play with these colors combined with decorative details, as well as towels, curtains, shower baskets… shades that help harmonize.

When choosing the color do you know what transmits every shade of pantone? Attentive to get the feeling that wrap the bath according to the tone of the season. Remember to enlarge a space and make brightness, you can combine tiles in light colors with large mirrors.

color bathroom

Red and orange tones
Although hard to imagine a orange bathroom, this key has been introduced gradually and gaining more followers every day. The range of silly as the reddish orange, provide strength and energy at the same time its will illuminate darker spaces.

This neutral color is a great joker to combine. It is the color of evasion and invites you to relax. Also, if you combine it with whites and lighter colors, you will gain in luminosity and spaciousness.

Earth Tones
These soft colors evoke the natural generating tranquility. Combine the brown with ocher and mustard and the result will be perfect and serene.

But if you’re a lover of classic style and looking for a decor that will never go out of fashion, choose tiles with soft lines and bright colors combined with simple decorative details.