Colors for painting small flats

Small flats can be cozy and wonderful if we know how to decorate. However, unlike what we think a priori, decorative items and furniture’s are not the only thing to keep in mind to avoid feeling cramped within a few meters. The ideal colors to paint a small flat are one of the key points. Let us know what they are.

painting small flats

The white is the color of choice for decorating any room, but to paint a small flat even more. It gives feeling of spaciousness, cleaning and if in addition we chose a white with glitter, this sensation will increase even more.

Ranges of light colors
Other colors that are also perfect in these spaces are the cream, champagne, soft yellows and pastels. What we got with these colors is that bounce light in them and an amplifying effect occurs. The range of soft oranges and salmon shades are also perfect for small flats.

But if what we like is to give life to our house through the walls and we love the more striking colors, we can opt for electric blue, emerald green or fuchsia, of course, always combined with others of the same range much more clear and choosing a single wall for painting the most striking tone.

The ceiling should always have light colors, at least more than the walls, but the ideal is to paint them white.

Original colors to unexpected places
The tones can dismiss are matte yellow and dark colors that do not provide brightness.

Under no circumstances should paint all the walls in dark colors without combining with other lighter, that all we will get is that the visual sense is to reduce space.

If we want to give color to a room but do not want to saturate it painting an entire wall, seize items such as radiators, the funds of the shelves or sockets to put the stronger colors. We will give a striking and original touch to the room to make a difference without reducing spaces.