Closed Terraces

One of the areas which certainly enjoyed it more at home is the terrace. If we have it, one of the questions we should ask ourselves is the subject of close, by the many advantages that this represents. Of course, it is so that we can open it when we are interested.

Closed Terraces

On the terrace we often share with our family and friends unforgettable moments, but usually only in summer. This would be the first advantage of close, which would allow us to perform any activity during any season, whether it will be a gathering, a snack or even spend a quiet time reading.

Another of the advantages that offers convert our terrace in a closed space, it is the entry of wind or dust, regardless of the season of the year in which we are.

Another of the benefits that we will have to the time of closing the terrace is the ability to make a meal in the same winter, since, depending on the area where we are, the low temperatures and cold and wind and other weather conditions, would prevent us from making it on an open terrace.

If we closed terrace, this will allow us, in short, take it much more, such as using it at night for dinner on it.

We must not forget, however, its decoration, as either open or closed, must be a nice place where we feel at ease. Though decide to close it, it can also put some tents, with those who avoid the sun as long as we want.

Place plants and flowers on the terrace will also help a lot to have a good presence. In addition, having the same closed, we have a little more delicate plant, which we could not put in another case.

Some good points of light, as sconces in the appropriate places, will complement that helps the showiness of the terrace.