Choosing the trendy style for your kitchen

Although some would call into question, the kitchens are a place in the house to enjoy the atmosphere that you like best; if, for example, wants to choose the trendy style for your kitchen, this season forget white furniture.

trendy style kitchen

Fashion also reaches the kitchen, not everything is in the decor of a kitchen and a few years ago it was fashionable, now passed into history, so if you want to enjoy and choose the trendy style for your kitchen, you are some of the keys to not miss.

  • Forget the total white, now kitchens are carried with personality and details.
  • Commitment to natural wood and simple finishes for furniture.
  • Enjoy indoor gardening, and do not give up putting a touch of nature in your kitchen.
  • Save the white for the walls but can risk with any pastel shade, green mint is the most fashionable.
  • If you dare forget about the tiles and paint your kitchen with washable and waterproof paints.
  • The tiles are the more comfortable option but committed colored details and forget about the classic kitchen valances.
  • For soil are the most trendy wood effects but in waterproof, durable and with a touch of irresistible warmth.
  • Stone is fashionable, has not passed and remains a very valid choice for floors, walls and countertops for kitchens, the trick is to combine.
  • Does the touch more trendy? A crystal lamp in the center of your kitchen.

With all of these suggestions and inspiration sure you be right by choosing trendy style to your kitchen, always remember to customize and strive to give your more personal touch with DIY details like canning jar sets or shelves with boxes of fruit, everything is permitted provided that you protect your new kitchen and keep it in perfect condition.