Choosing the ideal door for each room

A major investment at home is to put the doors and not easy to know what type of material and color are best for each room in our home. It is important to consider the size of our house and every room for the election of the doors.

ideal door

Types of doors
Armored or safety: These doors are mostly used for the entrance of the house.

Wood: Wide range of models, with different paintings, carved and even combined with glass.

White Lacquer: Increasingly demanded. The doors are those recommended finishes on MDF boards because not suffer any alteration by moisture.

Sliding or folding screen: thanks to some rails on which rest the doors, we can available to the sides of the wall.

Shuttle: the door leaf can be opened in both directions.

The door of each room
For entrance, the best choice is undoubtedly an armored door, armored security or to prevent them from forcing it. It is advisable that you have something of stained glass window to allow light to the entrance hall.

In the living room we can put a wooden swing door (the common), which also can be painted the same color as the wall or line it with the same wallpaper to create an invisible door. Another option is white lacquer; depending on the style you have your house (if it’s classic or modern). If the room is small, a way to gain space is to put a sliding or folding.

The kitchen door is best be aluminum, since it is more resistant to cleaning operations are performed to eliminate the fat that accumulates in it to cook. We can also choose a door opening system in push-pull, which is original and comfortable to carry food or dinner to the lounge.

The bathrooms usually have a cramped space, so it is advisable to install sliding doors. Also, if you do not have windows in the bathroom, we can put glass in the door, as long as this gives room for some light.

For children’s rooms, the doors without hinges and rounded edges to prevent fingers getting caught will be the most suitable.