Choose the perfect faucet for your bathroom

When it comes to assemble our bathroom, one of the most important details is the faucet to the sink. Today we talk about the different faucets on the market to choose the one that best suits your needs.

perfect faucet

Besides the model, style, shape and color of the faucets, we must also know what is capable of performing functions. We can find in the market many varieties that will also suit any bathroom decor.

Common Faucets
Mixers Faucets: These are lifetime faucets, which have an inlet for hot water, one for cold water and a single output. These faucets can be at the same time monoblock, stalk or known as thermostatic.

Monoblock Faucet: To get warm water with these faucets have to manipulate both controls at once.

Single-lever Faucets: To have a single barrel and a single command in the same block. Depending on the inclination to give you in charge, get more or less depending on the pressure and rotation, more or less heat.

Thermostatic Faucets
Its have two controls. The first is in which will indicate the water temperature we want, which also has insurance that does not change. On the other hand, with the second command only regulate water flow that will offer the faucet. The advantage of these controls is that we won’t have to be looking for the right temperature, because we will always get the same. Another major advantage is that it saves water and energy, so we can consider it eco-friendly faucets.

But these faucets can serve both for the shower to the sink; each is specifically made for it.

There are also other models of these more modern faucets, as those with flow regulator, which have a maximum water and with which we can save gallons; the timed, opening with a button and close automatically after a time, and those with infrared sensors, that are activated by proximity, i.e., the water falls only when you put your hands under the tap and closes when removing them.