Choose the best fabrics to decorate

Although we do not always give them the importance they deserve, the fabrics are essential to create different environments in our home and give a cozy look. Today we will talk about the different fabrics that can be used to give a fresh look to the interior of our house.

fabrics to decorate

The first thing to note is that we can not use the same fabric to upholster furniture or put some curtains to cover a wall. We must be advised by professionals before buy any type of fabric and choose according to what we need.

Furniture upholstery fabrics
For upholstered furniture such as chairs or armchairs, this must take into account when choosing fabric is that it must be resistant. This type of upholstery is subjected to constant and continuous wear, cannot be washed on a regular basis and we need to be very strong materials. If we have the option that the fabric is removable to wash when needed, this will be the perfect choice.

Chenille fabrics and synthetic materials are two of the best alternatives that we have. The brocades and damasks are very stylish and the tarps and cotton perfect for modern environments.

Fabrics for curtains
This time the most important thing is that the fabrics have good fall. Linen and cotton are usually preferred.

The organza, linen and cotton curtains in light colors and smooth, mixed with thicker fabrics with different prints usually look good.

Silk, for example, we may choose to develop cushions, bedspreads or any other accessory beyond curtains and upholstered furniture. It is a fabric that brings a touch of glamour and is very decorative.

Generally, the silk has been used for decorations in classic style, but lately it is trend when we mix in decorations of much more modern style.