Choose material for library work

For some time libraries were discarded work almost total way of home decoration, however, their enormous value and benefits they pose, especially in homes of small size, have made them fashionable again.

material for library work

The truth is that the libraries work is also perfect if you have a large amount of space. Many have always dreamed of having a huge library, like those in the movies, where being surrounded by favorite books and find out what one you want to read. So precisely for this can serve us as a library of work.

For large or small spaces

Probably a library book is the most practical and decorative way to use the free space on the walls in large rooms. This makes it easier to create a sense of continuity. As this is a custom solution, you can take each inch of space you can have between columns, even if there are no exact measurements and there are different types of depth.

If we paint the wall and the bookcase in the same colored, integration will be complete and the furniture is blends with the rest of the decoration of the room. If instead we seek is that the library has greater prominence, will paint the shelves a different wall color. We will use clear and ocher tones to bring more light to the room, or dark red and gray for a more modern touch to the home and decorated with furniture.

As mentioned earlier, it is also possible to place a library work in small gaps. It will have to be at least 35 cm between columns to use the work as a library shelf.

When choosing the material to produce a library of work the toughest is the brick, which will be able to endure all the weight its need. The big problem is that we have to do a little work at home.

Another option is the drywall, but only helps us if we are to avoid overloading the library, as these consisted only of plasterboard, can not bear too much burden. Some installers give another option, that of woods in DM, a much more resistant than plasterboard material.