Chester Sofa: A classic British decor

If there is fascinating decor then it is British decoration, a style that never goes out of style, extremely cozy, comfortable and tastefully. If you have ever thought about using it for your home there is an element that can not miss, the Chester sofa.

chester sofa

The Chester sofas in addition have a touch that is vintage trend, which will make no mistake when making this choice. This furniture is always made using traditional methods and its creation is looked after to the millimeter.

Perfect for integration into any decor
Made from pine wood and beech, with feather cushions and foam has an upholstered does not go unnoticed.

If you do not want to put a full lounge with British style, Chester sofas are also ideal for integration into any decorative style.

When we seek to give our room in avant-garde style, the best choice is the couch Chester but in white, the best choice is the Chester sofa, but in white, perfect to combine with tables of straight lines and sober decorative elements to give a minimalist to the rest of the decor, as the sofa have more than 70% of the decoration of the room list.

With the Chester sofa always get a retro touch is fascinating for any decorator.

A sofa with centuries of elegance
As for the price we can find, depending on size, between 2,800 euros for two seats and 3,800 for three, approximately.

But one thing we must realize is that the Chester sofa is certainly not a newbie to the decor. The first pieces from the nineteenth century and was used by the English gentlemen for smoking and meet to discuss business.

It is a type of sofa that is perfect to give a touch of elegance that we all seek with the unmistakable quilted backrest as detail that brings personality.

A sofa that has the back and arms at the same height, scroll-shaped and with legs that was short and turned in its first version. These are just some of the features that have made the Chester sofa endure over the centuries.