Characteristics, types and care of outdoor rugs

Rugs are one of the elements that more comfortable and welcoming make a home, however we are used to always place them inside, what happens if we do outdoor? Today we want to know what are the characteristics, types and care of outdoor rugs.

outdoor rugs

When we talk about outdoor rugs are not talking about the typical artificial grass mats, but of designs and colors that will add a touch of the modern to our terrace or garden.

Create a special atmosphere on the terrace or garden
There are many models, either with geometric designs that set trends or the more classics with rocks or flowers.

Rugs are special, because they are prepared to withstand the weather such as rain, cold, or ultraviolet rays. Generally the material used is polypropylene fiber is so impermeable and resistant to the outside.

Keep in mind that, depending on the area you’re going to place it, we have to choose a specific material, because if you will not take the sun and water resistant materials specifically need it.

Durable and easy to clean
When it comes to rug cleaning, it may be as simple as passing the hose above, while others may need a more complex cleaning, so at the time of purchase it is important to know what the manufacturer’s advice.

Like any other element of the house, the length and life of the rug will depend greatly on the treatment and care that we give ourselves.

If it is possible it is not worth apply a layer of waterproof product on the rug to increase its water resistance.

Outdoor rugs bring a special ambiance to a particular area of our garden or terrace and will make this stay that much more cozy and modern.

You get a different feel and appeal that does not always have to be on the inside of our house, and thanks to these rugs can also give it to the outside.