Change decor with vinyl

Hot trends in interior decorating applications are vinyl. Easy to apply, economical and with a variety of designs and colors, these are ideal environments to personalize your home, business or office.

decor with vinyl

Select them by the environment:
The first step before deciding to use vinyl in decorating is to define environments where these will placed. The chosen design must adapt to the environment and not the other. The style has to harmonize with the room size and combined with the color palette. It is important to know that vinyl can be applied on walls, furniture, objects and glass.

Combine wall, furniture and window:
An interesting option to consider is that you can place the decorative details continues online on different surfaces of the room.

Area to cover:
Not always the greatest design is one that covers more area as there are designs that come on a single sheet to be applied in a precise place, while others can be cut, split and apply them in different places and directions.

Where to place them:
There are ideas on vinyl for each environment: kitchen, bathroom, living room, balcony, bedroom, etc.. Use your imagination and play with the possibilities.

Please note the characteristics of surface:

Wall: Before applying vinyl controls the state of the walls, these should have a fine and smooth finish; must be painted with latex medium to good quality. Bad quality latex often contains chalk, which prevents proper fastening.

Glasses or mirrors before installation, clean them with a soaked cloth in alcohol.

Ceramic or tiles: Removes all kinds of dirt before proceeding to the placement, as in the kitchen or bathroom vapor particles make many fats adhere to its surface, preventing the correct placement.

The interesting thing about decorating with vinyl is that you can recycle environments with a creative style and noninvasively. The different parts are integrated into the already designed spaces, giving them a plus of creativity and color.