Chalkboard on the home walls

Decoration trends are changing much in recent years, currently decorated with materials that would have been unthinkable before. Proof of this is a fashion that has come with great force and with great acceptance, and that increasingly we can see more in magazines and decorating blogs. We refer to turn a wall into a chalkboard.

Chalkboard on the home

Decorating a home not only has to lead design also means that it is a cozy and convenient place. It is therefore ideal for children’s rooms, where in addition to playing the board can use the wall to learn as if they were in school. And it is not necessary that you paint the entire wall, you can make shapes like a house or a tree with it.

It may seem a slate wall is too dark, but that was before, now the slate paintings are of bright colors, so combine to perfection in any environment and stays happy.

It is also very useful in the kitchen where we can make a shopping list or point a recipe or even write the menu of the day as if it were a restaurant. And in the hall will help us remember appointments or leave a message.

In any store you can find chalkboard paint because it does not serve anyone to paint over. But if you do not want to paint the wall directly you can place a vinyl, there are many shapes and sizes and when you get tired of them, you can remove them without difficulty.

Remember to buy brightly colored chalk! And plus, ask at the paint store for metal solutions to add, so you can put magnets on it.

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