Chalk Paint: What it is and How to apply it

The chalk paint has become fashionable because it is easy to apply, does not have to be an expert in restoration, and provides an aging your furniture without any more finish treatment. It is a fast, easy and economical technique to renew any piece of furniture. And it also doesn’t need varnishing, what more could you ask for?

chalk paint

In this article we show you examples and, at the end, we detail the technique for painting with chalk paint.

1. Old Furniture, New Furniture!

The chalk paint allows you to make every conceivable combination to renovate old furniture. One tip: make sure that the chosen color combines well with the rest of the room (the wallpaper, the textiles…). Clean the piece well, paints and wax. You can paint smooth, textured, with patterns by stencils or freehand, with patinas without them. There are no limits!

chalk paint to renew furniture

2. In the Kitchen, Of Course

The first idea we have of chalk paint is to renew furniture based on color quickly, easily and simply (and yes, it is). Paint those chairs that nobody wants at home anymore and see how beautiful they are! At a time when we do not have much time, the speed and ease that the product provides is highly valued.

furniture with chalk paint

3. Look for Similar Shades

Harmony is always the key, also when you paint a piece of furniture with chalk paint. In this case, an inspiring shade, pink, combined with white, was sought to give a new life to an old wardrobe.

The satisfaction of transforming a piece of furniture with your own hands is priceless! Try and recycle, because you will be giving a new life to a piece of furniture.

4. Paint Some Metal Chairs

You can also use chalk paint on metal surfaces. In these cases apply the first layer of paint with a soft brush so as not to drag it from one side to the other. When the job is done and the paint is dry, apply water-based varnish to protect the furniture.

5. Play with the Patterns

Try creating your own patterns! Authentic chalk paint has special rollers for this purpose two in one (with a paint roller and a stamping roller) to stamp walls, fabrics, and furniture, with motifs inspired by old paper prints. It is beautiful and very surprising!

6. Change the Look of Your Baskets

Yes, the point is to look around you and try! Go ahead with templates of stars or hearts in a fabric or natural material. If you don’t dare to do so much, start by painting a basket.

Mark the limit with a painter’s tape and hit the brush! Play with the tones that you like the most and thus brighten up your objects that you were about to get rid of.

closet doors unique with chalk paint

7. Cabinet Fronts

Make your closet doors unique with chalk paint. Before painting any item, it is advisable to clean well to remove dust and dirt, even with a mixture of water and a few drops of ammonia. Always make sure that the type of chalk paint you choose is suitable for the surface you want to work on.

8. A New Image for the Grocer

That’s right, the wainscot or skirting board rubs off over time. It is normal because it is precisely there to protect the wall from those frictions. How about renewing it and taking advantage of it to paint it in another color? Use chalk paint and it will cost you very little.

9. A Trick to Paint Baskets

Do you want a very practical trick to decorate fiber baskets with a strip of paint without complications? Take a plastic box, add water to the amount you want the strip to occupy in the basket, and add paint to the chalk until it has the opacity you want, stirring well. Then just insert the basket, take it out and drain.

10. Customize Everything

Of course, chalk paint is used to renovate a piece of furniture but also to stamp the wall and even to tint the lampshades! So you can create a coordinated atmosphere to your liking.

11.Transform Jars into Pretty Vases

Paint it with chalk for everything! We can paint furniture, fabrics, walls, floors, plastic, cardboard and stone, even glass! So you can turn any empty canning jar into a beautiful vase. You will be giving it a second life with just paint. You can use various colors and decorate the vase in stripes with the help of painter’s tape.

color interior doors with chalk paint

12. Full Color Interior Doors

Don’t change them, paint them! The first thing you should do before painting your doors is to clean, then dry and then remove the handles. You can also protect them with painter’s tape.

In this case, it is advisable to apply a first coat of primer and let it dry. Then paint with chalk paint. The last step before showing off new doors is to remove the painter’s tape.

13. Dye Old T-Shirts

A chalk paint dyed cotton fabric completely changes its look. Dyes natural fabrics, washing them in paint very diluted in water. Use 10 tablespoons of Autentico Versante for every liter of water.

Soak the garment for 30 minutes in the mixture and stir from time to time. Then scoop out, drain and lay in the shade without folds.

14. Dare To Paint Walls

Walls, chimneys, stairs! Let your chalk paint brush jump from objects onto the walls and your house will look like a magazine. You know, ask before buying the paint if it is suitable for walls and floors. Only in this way you will get a good result. And get ready to choose color. These usually have a very wide variety.

custom hat with chalk paint

15. A Custom Hat with Chalk Paint

Come on, your hat has to be ready to take it to the beach! Mix the same amount of Autentico chalk paint and water and paint the hat with a brush.

Let dry and then pass a sponge soaked in water and well wrung out in areas where you want to “remove” some of the puncture. This will give you a washed or faded effect.

16. Change Your Sofa or Armchair

We are very impressed by this idea of how to change a piece of furniture, simply with paint! The advice is to dilute the paint in water and apply two layers of paint, waiting between one and the other for them to dry.

Once dry, we will have to sand and wipe it with a wet cloth. To give protection and a pleasant touch, apply wax, as with wooden furniture. But in a few steps you have a new sofa!

floors painted with chalk paint

17. Paint the Floor!

You can try an office or small room to start. You can also add motifs to it with a template. Of course, unlike with furniture, a finish with a quick-drying water-based floor varnish is recommended here, suitable for cement or wooden floors painted with chalk paint.

But… What Is Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint is a natural paint that should not contain acrylics (plastics) with a high component of calcium carbonate. Its main use is to paint furniture without stripping, although the Autentico brand has developed special formulas for other surfaces such as walls, outdoor furniture and facades, doors, tiles, melamine… But beware, the vast majority of chalk paints are not suitable for these uses.

In short, from this explanation we are left with that it is a natural paint that comes from chalk but that you must be careful with the different existing brands of chalk paint because some are suitable for some of the uses mentioned here and others not, only they are for painting furniture without previous work. The generic name is chalk paint and within the sector there are several brands.

The more chalk a chalk paint contains, the better. Its base is water, so it is an easy product to work with, it does not need a primer, and it is non-toxic!

Although it is true that it was already painted with mixtures that contained chalk even in the sixteenth century, it was the interior designer Annie Sloan who launched this magical name a season ago to stardom, with a formula patented by her that has served as inspiration to this branding.

Although, be careful, all that glitters is not chalk paint. It is not that these are heavy; it is that we want to insist on this aspect because it is essential to use the right type of paint if we want to achieve the results that we have seen in each project or craft.

How To Use Chalk Paint And On What Surfaces?

With this previous clarification, we learn that chalk paint is very suitable for different projects. It has a matte finish and absorbs wax easily. And it can also be used as a wash (very diluted, revealing the wood) or applied thickly with or without texture.

Precisely, Annie Sloan’s idea was to make this painting suitable for countless decorative projects, and what a success she has! It is used on wood, metal, melamine, brick, vegetable fiber…

What To Use: Roller Or Brush?

A good brand of chalk paint should allow you to paint both with a roller and with a brush or trowel. Personally, we like to use a brush or a brush on rustic or antique furniture to accentuate the brushstroke a bit. Thus, once you apply wax – either transparent or colored (to waterproof the piece) – it is inserted into the background of the brushstrokes, making a beautiful finish based on a wax patina look.

In contemporary furniture, however, we prefer to use a roller, better flocked or with a very short pile. We have to avoid the ‘orange peel’ texture and depending on the roller used this texture may remain. If so, pass fine sandpaper over the paint once it is dry so that you have a smooth finish like a lacquer.

Waxes And Paint with Chalk Paint

Wax is essential in the Vintage line (indicated for interior furniture) of Atentico chalk paint. This line is porous and the wax has two objectives, the first and most important to seal the piece; and the second, to apply a patina color.

The waxes can be transparent or colored, whether they are the classic brown or more modern ones such as white, black or taupe. The wax finish is more special than the varnish finish; however some pieces with a lot of use are better protected with varnish.