Chaise longues in the lounge

Since the chaise longues came into our lives, moments of relaxation, naps and those minutes on the couch before we go to sleep have greatly improved.

chaise longues

The chaise longues, besides being very beneficial in our moments of relaxation, also have become a key part of the decor of our room.

The chair of the Pharaohs
The meaning of chaise longue is quite simple; it is a “long chair”. It has an extension to support the legs and not exactly anything modern, because in Egyptian times was used by the Pharaohs to take a break. Greeks and Romans, meanwhile, opted to use it more for lunch.

But aside from all uses that were given in the past, the chaise longue is one of the elegant elements that we can place in a room, either individually or integrated into a sofa.

When put it in our living room, we can do it in different ways: for example, in the area where the rest are seats at some lateral to separate spaces, place it as the point of symmetry of the room…

The best place to put the chaise longue
If we place a chaise lounge away from the rest of the elements of the stay, as corner of reading, by the fireplace or next to a window, we will draw the most out of this unit and give a cool touch to the room.

The variety of chaise longues can be found in the market is infinite: with arms, without arms, minimalist, more baroque or traditional, leather, synthetic leather, upholstery, single, double, plain, patterned, bigger, smaller, with higher backs, lower backs … with endless possibilities.

Ultimately, chaise longues have the advantage to adapt to any type of decoration and any type of style.