Chaise longue in your living room

A piece of furniture that we use daily and not a few hours, although we’d like to have many more, is the sofa. Over the years has not been appreciated for its aesthetic but for its functionality, but this is a trend that has been changing, and, currently, is a piece of furniture that acquires great prominence and with many possibilities.

chaise longue

From the classic versions or existing designs, there is a variation of the sofa that falls, the chaise longue. This is a French term and its shape is the result of the mixture of the traditional sofa and a chair. In fact, its literal meaning is long armchair. This is tends to be a part associated with the reading corners or places to listen to music while we relaxed.

The simple vision of a chaise longue produces relaxation and peace. It is due to the semi-reclining or lying position it provides, which induces sleep. Some design as performed by Le Corbusier is one of the best known, but we can find some more daring that incorporate light and are suitable for outdoor areas, or for example the Splash Chaise lounge, design by Michael L. Wendel, simulating a drop as it hits a surface.

But if our style is more classic can opt for simple and straight lines which we will find no difficulty in the furniture stores. No doubt there are many types of chaise longue. If you do not already have a home we recommend that you don’t waste any more time with chairs or stools. Because, increasingly, the style comes into our home … And with the chaise longue that is insured!