Caring for your carpet

If the floor of your home is mostly made up of a carpet, you know from experience that the more complex surfaces than other maintenances.

carpet care

However, show off a beautiful carpet is not missioning impossible and it can get easily following a few tips and turning them into routine every day.

  • First it starts passing the only vacuum cleaner once a week to avoid damaging the fibers too, and you can also take the opportunity to apply a stain resistant treatment to prevent adherence of these.
  • You also must take into account that your vacuum cleaner must be broom, and that you should always keep very clean filters since these are fundamental for well the dust.

And now share a few tricks to remove stains when these are attached and it is too late, but … not want them to stay there forever, so take our advice:

  • Remove with a spoon of solid particles, scratches if necessary.
  • Get with dry napkins or paper towels and soak the liquid up.
  • Use shampoo for stains based on water or solvent for the oily nature.
  • Regardless of the solution chosen, soak a cloth moistened with the product and the area. To clean the stain without extending the movement should go from outside to inside.
  • Put away paper towel over the area and place a heavy object on top. The paper will absorb the remaining moisture.
  • To ensure a uniform color to your carpet, wash it with soap once the area is dry.

But best to achieve elimination of sure and certain way, try to remember is that because of what has been made, and as well know how to act more effectively if the…

Ink: Sealed with a paper towel and wipe with warm water. If necessary, repeat several times.

Gum: Put ice in a plastic bag and place it around the gum to freeze. First of all do not use vacuum cleaner.

Nail Polish: Not to spread the stain, remove the nail polish as much as you can. Soaking a cotton ball with a solvent.

Alcohol and Carbonated drinks: Wipe as much as possible with the help of absorbent paper or a dry napkin. Do the same with a sponge soaked in warm water. Let dry and wash with soap.