Can I install a hanging bed in my house?

You do not need much budget or more space than you have, if you want to install a hanging bed in your bedroom. Do not miss the opportunity to turn your room into a design space.

Thinking about a hanging bed can lead to scenarios of luxury and unattainable magazines of decoration, but nothing further from the reality, this type of installation is much easier to enjoy in your own home than you think. If you want, you can.

hanging bed

Decorators resort to hanging beds in all kinds of styles, that is, is not an exclusive or characteristic of any particular trend. Although it is important that you know that if you install this type of bed, it will become the focus of unique attention of all the space that occupies. So it is important that the rest of the decoration is quiet and even neutral, especially if you do not have much space.

You can install a hanging bed in any room of your house, without having to have any special requirements; you only have to assume four facts about this type of elements.

  • Style is not a problem. You can use rustic, modern, vintage, classic or romantic pendant bed, and any other trend that you prefer. Any bed – almost – can hang.
  • It is not necessary to buy a new bed, you can convert yours and adapt it so you can hang it from the ceiling. It’s simple with a little creativity and current ideas.
  • You need a firm and secure roof on which to install the fixation from which the mattress and/or the planned structure will be suspended. Consult a professional if you have doubts about the consistency of the surface and the best way to install.
  • Think about the accessibility of a hanging bed, beware the height to which you need to hang it. Think that you have to get on and off the bed, besides sleeping on it, do not lose sight of the security that is a priority.

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Different Ideas for install a hanging bed

Among the ideas that you can put in place to enjoy in your home with a hanging bed, there are some especially showy and current whose final result is going to love you.

hanging bed


Is there anything that cannot be made with pallets? It may, but a floating bed is not the example, since joining different wooden pallets to get a base on which to place the mattress, you can have your own floating bed.

On the outer sides of the pallets you can easily attach heavy and sturdy strings that you will carry to the ceiling to get a very modern hanging bed.

Wooden bed

If you have a wooden bed structure, but not too heavy and want to raise it a few inches off the floor. Use strong steel cables to do the installation and in the ceiling previously mounted a wooden frame – similar in style and color to that of the bed – in which to place metal anchors to pass the cable and suspend the bed in the air.

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Beams on the roof

In the more rural homes which enjoy beams in the ceiling and hollow, floating beds installation is much simpler. It is only necessary to have a mattress size wooden table with four holes at two corners through which pass a thick rope that reaches to the ceiling and tied to the beams safely.

Hanging, but not balancing

Ropes or cables are not the only way to suspend beds in the air, you can use steel tubes or iron much more stable and even safer, ideal for example for children’s rooms. The bed will be elevated from the ground, but to set with wood strips or tubes will not move.

Arabian Nights

If you are looking for an exotic and oriental effect, mosquito nets and silks are what you need for your floating bed.

The ideal for an integral style is that you do with a round bed, dressed with mosquito nets and elevate it through a simple rope that you can then hide with handkerchiefs or oriental-style curtains. In this case the point of fixation to the ceiling must be unique, gathering all the cables in a single strong and resistant hook.

Wooden logs

A very simple and rustic form that fits very well in an Ibizan house is a base of trunk in which tied strings in the four corners to raise the bed and hang from the ceiling.

A wooden log hanging bed is perfect for large and bright rooms, dressing with sheets and linen, blankets and crochet plaid are the perfect complement. Choose thick, but soft cotton strings in white or raw, always neutral tones.

The most romantic

To maintain the charm of a romantic bedroom, raises the bed with thick, very thick rope, but adorns the whole place with garlands of flowers that you can do it yourself with the same technique with which you do the crowns of flowers for the hair, but by increasing the length of them.

Final Words

There are many more ways to install a hanging bed in your home, but in essence what you need is to be clear about the shape of the ceiling, the style you are looking for and the type of material you use to secure the bed. The most common is to use rope or similar of very different thicknesses, colors and finishes, or steel cable for more modern or industrial styles.

Never risk the safety on a project like doing your own floating bed, if you have doubts, better consult with the professionals of your trust store or hire an expert in this type of work that knows how to interpret your idea and make it reality safely and with guarantee.