Building your Own Garden to Cultivate Flowers of Your Choice

As people go through some economic uncertainties, they tend to find ways to reduce spending without cutting back on the pleasures in life. Of course, they would still want activities and engagements as well as do things to beautify their homes even if this would mean spending a certain amount of money. But a free garden can surely do the trick.

building your garden

Planning the Garden
Always consider the amount of time and effort you want to spend to take care of your garden. Of course, you will have to spend more for bigger garden in the future and at the start.

  • Take Advantage of Free Resources – Such as the internet and library to research. You can look for a plant zone map which will help you in understanding how to adjust to your specific climate.
  • Prepare some Garden Tools – It is definitely easy to find tools like rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, spades, hoes and others. They may not be free but they are really cheap.
  • Check which area in your yard you would want to have a garden in – It is important to ensure that the space does not have tree roots and can get sufficient amounts of sunshine.
  • Take into account your drainage – You need to dig a hole and have it filled with water. When the water drains in around thirty minutes, that means you chose the right spot.

Building the Garden
The process will start with laying out the spot with a hose. Keep in mind that curves are more appealing than straight lines. The grass must be covered with different newspaper layers. Make sure that the grass is always damp. Shredded mulch must be used in covering the newspaper. A mowing edge must be dug around the entire garden so that it will not be invaded by grass. After some months, you can turn entire mess over. You can expect the grass to be dead with the newspaper already decomposed. While you turn this over, you can chop up lumps and then make use of a heavy-duty rake for making the soil fine and nice. If you have some free compost, you can mix it in.

Selecting the Right Flower for the Garden
Having flowering plants in the garden would highlight your free garden. However, you need to verify the conditions of light, soil, temperature and humidity that should favor the flower cultivation you wish to have in your beloved garden. Additionally, there are some flowers that bloom only at some seasons or times. Thus, before you make your own garden, you need to obtain some information on the particular flowers you choose to cultivate.

  • Sunflowers– Indigenous villages cultivate these plants for their livelihoods. They need plenty of light.
  • Lily – This plant prefers moist soil, plenty of water and low temperature. It is sensitive to dry soil.
  • Rose – This plant can be grown in various climates and soil conditions.
  • Azaleia – This kind of flower prefers low temperatures. However, usually must be exposed to the sun and watered.