Bright Ideas For Lighting Your Garden Or Yard

When you are looking to tidy up your garden or outside space, you may want to spend a little time thinking about how it could be used first. Many of us are looking for ways to enjoy what we have in more interesting ways. You may have a family and want the kids to play out in the yard more often. Or you may want to entertain, eat and cook outside more often. For most of us, having a quiet corner to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine is enough, but the outlook we have isn’t quite as attractive as we would like.

lighting your garden

Landscaping your garden is not something you want to tackle alone. It is often a big job with heavy labor involved. You are likely to need lots of different tools and even machines to help you with the job. The first thing you need to do is visualize how you would like the different areas of your garden to look. You may be after a small shaded seating area like a gazebo next to a pond or a water feature. You may also want a little play area for the children and a larger dining area for entertaining. Each of these areas will need to flow using some sort of path. Time to get sketching.

Designing a garden needn’t be too tricky. It can be as basic as sketching a rough shape and making doodles to represent the different areas. What is most important is how you are able to navigate from one part of the garden to another. What links them? Are you using paving slabs, concrete, stepping stones or decking? Then you need to think about any safety or security features you will need.

Once you have designed a basic layout, you may also want to think about lighting. You may just be interested in a couple of motion-activated security lights, or you may want to install deck spot lights and create lighting projections on the wall. Whatever level of lighting you want, you can find inspiration on websites like My Light Source. You can also search for an idea on Pinterest. You may need an electrician to help you install lighting from the mains electricity supply, or you may be well-positioned to have solar panel lighting.

Lighting your garden can help create character and mood. You can choose colors or stay with whites and warm whites. There are endless options available to you, but your budget may restrict you on some of them. You may want a lot of light around your outdoor dining area, but gentler lighting around a water feature. If you have any buildings outside, you may want these well-lit too. Choose from wall lights, LED deck lights or string lights to enhance your garden.

Once you have chosen the look and form of your garden, you can enjoy shopping for garden or patio furniture. Some landscapers will build you seating within your decking requirements. Others can help you assemble wooden tables and benches on request.