Blue decor: A relaxing and fresh atmosphere

In the decoration of the house, as in everything, everyone has their tastes, and what one does not appeal to the other is excited. Thus, when painting the house or give a touch of color, some prefer white walls, having also people prefer colors, and, if possible, a different color in each room. Within this we can also choose between these different colors are pastels and light or bright, bold colors, or even a combination of both.

blue decor

Another option that can be very attractive if done with grace is to all the rooms in our house the same color, using different shades of its range. In this case one of the colors that will typically choose the blue color.

We combine blue with another color that is clear, as white as it otherwise would be all too monochromatic. So while staying dominates the shades of blue, some white accents break the monotony by also a nice contrast.

It is noted that decorate a room in blue does not mean to paint it blue. A room can be blue and have white walls, or even a light yellow. Suffice with details in the appropriate place so that give the feeling of stay blue, sometimes acquiring more elegance. For example, in a bedroom you can get a blue effect simply by putting the bed linen and a couple of small details in that color, like a blue flower vase or a painting.

When we are going to paint the walls, to choose the shade of blue we must take into account many factors as to what is to dedicate the room, the light that enters the same or as the furniture to go in it.

Thus, it is very different to paint the walls in a light blue, which is very relaxing and invites to rest, which in a sharp blue, which can give a great sense of modernity, and can be very suitable for a living room or even a youth. However, in case we want to use blue for a stay strong, we can study the possibility of using only one or two walls, painting the rest with very light blue that contrasts well. It is convenient to use shades like navy blue long piece, it is not suitable to use tones as dark blue for long stub, because it could throw much light into the room, it is always better to combine.

Just keep in mind, to use different shades, as not only a question of monotony but influences the brightness of the room. This does not mean we do not take specific tone that is predominant in the decoration of the house or each room, which perfectly appropriate.