Blinds, shutters and panels for window decoration

When decorating the windows of our home, we can opt for different types and models of blinds, shutters, panels, etc. Everything depends on the style we want to give to the room, or the type of columbus windows that we have. Then we are going to see different products or examples, and its most important features:

Window Decoration

window decoration

Japanese Panel

The Japanese panel is a very practical and very functional blind. Therefore, every day it is starting to use more and is fashionable. The Japanese panel system or the sliding panel is one of its advantages. Usually it used for very large windows or to separate areas.

Aluminum Venetian

Aluminum Venetian is a product that is very aesthetic and technical manner by washing. Despite seem a very office product, every day is beginning to use more in households. For example, in kitchens increasingly more they used. Moreover, as you can make all kinds of colors or even exchanging different colors, it is very decorative.

wooden venetian

Wooden Venetian

Wooden Venetian is one of the most classic products. It is widely used to decorate rooms with classic furniture but for aesthetic theme not want to use a traditional curtain. It is a perfect product for rooms that need a little force, but it is a stay already, is somewhat overdone, it is best to opt for another product.

Pleated blind

The pleated blind is a widely used and is always very practical option. Each day is being used more as being a product that takes up very little space when it is collected; it is perfect for small flats or apartments.

Vertical blind

Vertical blind is a very classic, like the Japanese panel product. By the way, it is perfect for large rooms. It should also be noted that at the time of collecting the vertical curtain aside as much to another, minimum space required.

Roller blind

Today is the flagship product in terms of the window decoration. Every day looking over the curtain and takes up less thanks to the blinds, you can get. Also, you can find different colors, fabrics or even be personalized with a photo. Therefore, it is one of the most used products.

All these products for windows today can be done in many different tissues. The new trend is that these products are very practical and washable. The important thing is that each window is the most suitable for your product features. Therefore, before placing a blind, or curtain panel it is important to think about the most suitable options that can be found on the market, because every day there are more options.