Black walls: dare with them!

One of the latest trends in decorating is to paint the walls black. A tone that takes more and more force on the blades of the interior, but to be able to apply for the result is satisfactory. Forget to associate it to sad and dreary environments and bowled over to try it out, sure that you’re happy with it.

black wall

The first thing to consider is that any wall is not useful. The black is a color that absorbs light and reduces the space, so it takes a room with good natural light by day and an optimal artificial lighting at night, to avoid creating a darkroom effect.

Another issue to consider is space. The larger the room, the greater may be the paint surface. A lounge with large windows can go all painted black, but in a bathroom or kitchen is best done on a single wall, you can even tiling. In the bedroom, the better the main wall, where is the headboard. And forget about the ceilings in any case; create a feeling of being overwhelmed.

The furniture needs to be bright and vibrant colors. To give a touch of elegance and sophistication, use white furniture and accessories in red, a combination that never fails. For a more modern, uses vibrant colors like orange, yellow, apple green, turquoise, fuchsia or purple. The possibilities are endless if you think about it.