Black and white decor: Play contrast!

You just moved into your new apartment and you do not know where to start. The first, before looking for furniture, is a plan of action. How do you decorate your house? This is the eternal question.

black and white decor

Magic and unexpected. And, as fashion is changing and every day brings something different, do not want to venture to include a decoration that you can get tired. What then is the solution?

It is one thing to be a woman of contrasts. It is one thing you like risk and you are daring with your wardrobe. And another very different it is to stay in a house that holds a decoration something tired ones. To avoid falling into the trap of feeling overwhelmed by the colors or the style of your home, it is best to always see the elegance of the basic.

black and white decor

And you look for where… Now this is precisely what most leads. After the red carpet in one of the most successful duos is the battle between white and black, what better colors these to acclimate each of your stays?

From the dining room, living room, kitchen or bathroom. The black and white binomial fits you and your needs. And you can create a sober, yet relaxed. A style that can always brighten with color somewhere more stoked. Red, fuchsia or metallic blue look great when combined with white and black.

And this is what suggests if you are something thoughtful on what is the best choice for your home. You must always be sure not to go overboard. And this combination, so fashionable and austere at the same time assures you the keys to your home is one of the most desired.