Better to Splurge Than to Save: 8 Home Items You Shouldn’t Buy Used

Some things are great to buy used, since you can save money and stick to a budget while splurging on wanted items. However, buying certain things used can cause problems down the road, whether in the cost of repairs or frustration about the items not working. Here are some things you’d be better off saving up and buying new.

risky to purchase used

The first item that should always be purchased new is a baby crib. If you glance through a store ad, you will often see a list of recalled cribs, especially the ones that have sides that drop. These sides can break or malfunction, which poses a serious safety risk to your child. Even if the side of the crib simply slides out of position, it can create a space that the child can fall into, where he or she can get trapped or stuck. An older crib will often have more wear on it, which can cause the hinges and wood to weaken.

A computer is another item that is risky to purchase used. You probably don’t know how the previous owner used and took care of the machine, so it could have internal damage that you can’t see. Since a computer is often a more expensive purchase, you want to make sure to get the most for your money. Some people take excellent care of their electronics, so they can have long lives and won’t require a lot of repairs. But unless you know exactly what has happened to the computer, you should steer clear.

Beauty Products
Makeup and other health and beauty products should never be a secondhand purchase. You might feel tempted if you see a tube of mascara or lipstick that is only slightly used; perhaps the previous owner bought it and just didn’t like the color after one use. However, all types of bacteria lives on the skin, so if it has touched another person’s face, it should never be used on another person’s skin.

Television Sets
Televisions are also a risky used purchase, since a TV repair can cost several hundred dollars. If the TV works initially, it might seem like a great bargain. However, older technology can have more complicated problems, which can cost even more to fix. Since technology is always changing and improving, it is often cheaper to buy a slightly smaller, brand new TV with a warranty instead of trying to save by buying an older model that can have issues later on.

Clothing Items
Certain items of clothing are great to buy used, since you can save money on designer brands and trendy styles. However, you should budget your money so that you can buy brand new shoes, swimsuits, and undergarments. Shoes will often mold to the feet of the person who is wearing them, so they won’t fit your feet as comfortably. Swimsuits fit tightly, so they can trap and house bacteria, which can then transfer onto your body. Another drawback of a used swimsuit is the fragile material, so if the previous owner didn’t wash and dry it properly, it can tear more easily.

Buying a used mattress is a big risk, since it can come with dander, dust mites, and other allergens, or even worse, it could come with an infestation of bed bugs. Most manufacturers recommend keeping a mattress for five to seven years, and you might not know how long the previous owner has slept on a used mattress. Instead of cutting back by buying a used mattress, buy a new mattress and then flip it regularly to extend the life of the mattress.

You should also avoid used tires, since most people will use tires until they are completely worn out. If someone is trying to sell a set of tires for a low price, you should stay away. The tires might be loud, not fit correctly, or have previous damage with patches or repairs. Additionally, rubber dries out over time, so you might be buying a set of tires that is very old and will crack soon after you put them on your car. One auto manufacturer recommends replacing tires with a new set every six years.

The final product that you shouldn’t buy used is a blender. A brand new blender isn’t terribly expensive, so saving a few dollars simply isn’t worth the risk. Most blenders will have bits of food stuck to the undersides of the blades, and if it’s been there for a while, it will be nearly impossible to clean. Those bits of food can find their way into your recipes, which is unappetizing and can make you sick.

Stick to these rules, and you can save plenty of money on items that are great to purchase used.