Bedrooms with tatami: A trend comes from the East

Decorative trends vary constantly, but if there is one that has been maintained over the years has been the Japanese inspired. The bedroom with tatami continues to be fashionable.

tatami bedrooms

Tatami beds are inspired decor and oriental culture, but with a Western touch than the original that does not. The method involves placing a bed in the bedroom storey, ideally in the center of the room to look bigger and clearer.

A stylish trend
There are many who are in favor, but there are also many critics of this trend, since in terms of functionality are not very useful. Somewhat are uncomfortable when it comes to making the bed, getting up and lying down.

Aesthetically, it is one of the trends that provide more glamour and style to a bedroom. It is only a matter of putting in a balance what are the pros and cons.

When deciding on a sleeping room with tatami mats, keep in mind that the bed be placed at ground level, will have to make a specific choice and correct the mattress.

A comfortable and cozy style
Generally, tatami beds are made with something like a very wide tables bed frame but with little separation between them. This is a poor ventilation of the mattress, so it is recommended to use visco-elastic and latex mattresses, since it require no ventilation.

Although, in principle, when concerns arose about this trend, the aspect of the tatami bedroom was very similar to that of the originals of Japan, in recent years, the great designers have made a great effort to modernize the models that can reach the furnishing stores.

It is true that tatami bedrooms have an oriental touch and relaxed, but to make them quite comfortable we can provide our unique personal touch and feel even more comfortable.

It’s a trend that seems that over the years has established itself as a favorite when decorating a bedroom.