Bedroom with ethnic style

The bedroom is probably one of the places in the house in which the personality is expressed most clearly through the decoration. If ours is adventurous, open, fun and with a taste for something different, a bedroom with ethnic style, undoubtedly, will be the ideal.

ethnic style bedroom

Precisely because be the furthest thing from Western culture, inspiration ethnic decoration we can find, especially in the African and Asian cultures. Although not necessarily have to be related to these two places, imagination, as usual, is one of the basic features to decorate any room.

A style very easy way to get
A bedroom with ethnic style is very easy to decorate, we use textiles as the main element: cushion covers, a blanket, comforter or curtains can be enough.

If instead we want to give more importance to the ethnic decor and not just rely on textiles, we can decorate with wooden frames for paintings, lamps made of imitation ivory, baskets, rugs, etc.

If we decide to pursue the idea of ethnic decoration for our bedroom related to Africa or Asia, we can use tribal images printed in textiles or directly put them in pictures.

Memories of trips to remote locations
Many people who love to travel acquire small parts of their journeys to then slowly decorate the bedroom. If we are not lucky enough to travel to spectacular places, surely know someone that does and we ask him to bring us some memory to be extending our decor much more.

As we always say, really only need to have a little imagination, we can even do things ourselves with this style to maintain decorative coherence.

The ethnic style is a very personal style, but still some rules, allows great freedom and can be a good way to show our personality in the bedroom.