Be careful with strong colors

By the time we decided to paint our house, one of the options by which we can decant is to give our rooms a lively atmosphere, modern, painting the walls with bright and bold colors.

strong colors

And if we say “daring” do not say in vain, as it is always a very risky decision, we have to be very clear before start. There are many aspects that we must weigh before marching.

To begin, we note that the colors we put should be combined with our furniture and accessories. It is not enough that it is a color that we like a lot, must harmonize perfectly with the whole.

On the other hand, the contrasting colors, even tones that we find beautiful, we watch much in not creating a contrast that really unattractive, since not all colors contrast well, having in fact completely incorrect color contrasts.

A first consideration is that it is always best to not fill the room’s very strong colors, so will success be more assured if wanting to paint a room for example red do only on one of the walls and the others give a clear tone. We then put accessories with strong red tones, as upholstery.

It is highly recommended that the places we choose to paint with bright colors are big and wide, and to be bright. If we paint with strong tones in a small room will be overwhelming and on top is going to look smaller.

Also keep in mind that each color has its own properties. Thus, the yellow is ideal for use in rooms with low light, since it is a very bright color that will stay clear and as a result, more spacious. The greens and blues are relaxing, and therefore very suitable for bedrooms. The oranges and reds are warm, and can make a very welcoming stay.

Neutral colors are best to combine with strong colors. With them there is not much risk, since they easily get to give a perfect balance to the whole.