Bathroom with two sinks

Today we speak about the possibility of placing double sinks in the bathroom, since in recent years it has become one of the trends in decoration.

bathroom with double sinks

A bathroom with two sinks brings originality and modernity. Also offers numerous advantages in everyday use.

What advantages double sinks offer us
First, the bathroom with double sinks give us comfort. For example, if we live with friends or family, we will avoid waiting for turns in the morning, since the majority we coincide at the same hours. We will not have the typical discussions about who enters the bathroom first, or discomfort on makeup or shave while the other person is brushing his teeth.

Thanks to the double sinks will gain time by not having to wait for our spouse or brother has finished his turn.

In addition, a double sink each will have its own personal space. Normal in this type of design is to put towel racks, drawers and a wardrobe in each side. In this way, we can keep our accessories in them without having to share the space.

For all these reasons, the double sinks are ideal for those living in large family homes and only have one bath.

However, there are also two disadvantages: the first arises if we have a very small bathroom, as we will need at least a cabinet of 140 cm wide to place the two basins. The other drawback is that we assumed a more expensive price than simple sinks. Not only because they are two, but also because its installation is more complicated.

Possibilities of double sinks
In terms of design, as well as simple toilets, also have infinite possibilities. We can find them in different sizes, shapes and colors that define specific styles. From the most classic and rustic to modern, minimalist and avant-garde.

The double sinks can be embedded on the hob or uneven ground. Even we place them on the same countertop or divided into two pieces, thus having two separate furniture.

It is advisable to combine the style of the sink with the fitting and the type of furniture.

Although normally double sinks look better in large spaces, the truth is that nowadays designs are adapted to the possibilities of each bathroom.