Bathroom accessories without making holes in the tiles

To tidy bathroom not only need to use furniture, sometimes hanging from the walls need different elements, but sometimes we are not brave enough to drill into the tiles if we break them. Today we want you to know how we can put accessories in the bathroom without making holes.

accessories in bathroom

The first option that we can use to avoid the holes in the tiles is the plumber. If what we want is an accessory to place the toilet paper there are several that also have included the brush. The designs are really attractive and so avoid having problems with tiles.

Silicone, adhesives or cupping glasses solutions
When towels hang can also make use of items that do not require drilling. We can stick to the wall accessories with different types of glue and silicone that will endure the weight and not spoil the walls.

But they are not the only alternatives that we have, increasingly more brands specializing in bathroom accessories pull out special lines to the market that do not require holes in the walls since they hold with cupping glasses or clamps.

A very strange system is the glue with camera which offers a very strong grip, no matter the surface and the best thing is that when you remove the accessory leaves no residue.

Maximum resistance
There are also accessories that can stick with special pads that are integrated and no problem sticking on the surface.

Many people still do not trust this type of system; however the development of these techniques has ensured that there are no problems of holding and that the bathroom fittings will be perfectly positioned and resists moisture and humidity become unstuck.

If you are of those who do not dare to take the drill but do not want to give up any bathroom accessory to dress it, the solution is already at hand, but obviously, always a little more expensive than the usual accessories.