Awesome Ways to Furnish a Small Room

Sometimes in life you have to live in small spaces. As much as everyone would love to live in a huge mansion, we all have to live within our means. There are many times when you’ll have to live in a one-bedroom apartment, or even when you only have a single room to call your own. When you have so little space, there’s not much to work with. But there are plenty of ways to decorate and furnish a room to save space and make your home look larger than it is. Lots of advice focuses on painting and decorating to create the illusion of space, but there are ways you can save real space too.

furnish small room

Multi-Functional Furniture
One of the ways you can save room in a small space is by using furniture that performs more than one function. For example, you can buy sofa beds, so you have both seating and somewhere to sleep all in one. Most people are familiar with sofa beds, but there are other pieces of furniture that serve multiple functions too. If you have a 1 bedroom apartment, you can save space with a bed that doubles as a desk. Or what about footstools that you can also use as spare seating? Lots of furniture doubles up as storage too, from beds to coffee tables.

Compact Furniture
When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, the worst thing you can do is get furniture that’s too big. You may want to have a king-sized bed, but is it worth it if it goes from wall to wall and doesn’t leave you space for anything else? Keep your furniture to a suitable scale for the size of your room, so you still have room to walk around. If everything’s too big, the room will look cluttered. You can also try furniture that folds away or that you can hide away in other ways. For example, you can put your TV inside a cupboard or use a folding murphy bed.

Contrast Colors, But Keep It Calm
Neutral colors can help to open up a small space and make it feel lighter and airier. But you don’t have to stick to light colors with a small space. Try contrasting brighter colors, but keep them restrained. Don’t make the space too busy with lots of patterns and overwhelming colors. It’s a good idea to keep the walls neutral and add colorful accents.

Create Some Curves
Rooms and furniture have a lot of straight lines, but too many straight lines in a small space can make the room look even smaller. Create some curves to soften the look of the room using fabric, accessories such as cushions and even your furniture itself. If straight lines are creating unusable, boxy spaces, try to fill them with plants and other decoration.

If you move from a larger home into a smaller one, don’t be tempted to try and fit all your old things into your new home. It might be better to sell most of your furniture and start again.