Animal print in home decoration

If we are a risk taker in different aspects of our life, why not be also in the decoration? It is not going crazy and the house looks like a zoo, but animal prints bring a touch will change the way we see in our home and get give it a more “wild”.

animal prints

The animal print is nothing more than a fun and original concept of decorating which makes use of animal prints in different parts of the house. The most common models are the zebra, cow, tiger, leopard and giraffe. But it is not charging the house with this type of prints, but to give a modern and cool our house without falling into bad taste.

Small details, big changes
The best way to give the animal print touch in the home is done with textiles, so what we have to do is upholster furniture with fabrics that mimic the skins of wild animals.

No need to upholster all chairs, sofas and tables with this pattern. In a dispatch can place the chair with a zebra print and the rest in brown tones with a rustic touch. We will give an original look and not too much room will recharge.

In a room painted in very soft earth tones and white furniture in wenge floors for example, we can place a table cloth upholstered in a cow fabric, making this central element of the decor, with a flashy touch but cool.

Textiles in the bedroom
In the case of the bedrooms is much easier, since we only need to change the textiles of bed with leopard prints, for example, or use only a cover with this print, bed linens with smooth, earthy and also Leopard print cushions.

The classic elements in this style are the carpets; if we want to give a touch of animal print to our house can not miss a carpet imitating the skin of any animal. These types of elements combine perfectly with almost any style.

So we have some interesting ideas to give the wild touch to our home.