An industrial style kitchen

The kitchen is an important room in any house, it is where we spend much of the time. Having a kitchen designed to suit our taste is paramount.

industrial style kitchen

One of the designs that is most recently succeeding in kitchens is the so-called industrial style. It gives a few lines and a very different from the rest.

Aluminium Kitchen
Obviously, if we go into the kitchen of a restaurant or hotel, we find the typical kitchen designed specifically for it. The industrial kitchens are huge, aluminum and almost without furniture, where everything is at hand and whose protagonist an island where meals are prepared. In these kitchens are not lacking an oven and extractor fan, also quite large.

Well, if this type of design we adapt to our house, not too difficult to do so. Normally the kitchens of houses with this type of design will have little furniture, straight lines and with little decoration.

How to have an industrial-style kitchen
As we already mentioned, in industrial style kitchen stainless steel precedence for either furniture or appliances. Obviously, the furniture will sober colors ranging from off-white to gray, to be conjoined with the aluminum, but without giving the feeling of being in a cold kitchen.

The top will be stainless steel or silestone, but always adapted to that style in color. If possible, there will be an island so you will have everything you need. Sobriety in the kitchen to suit the style of the kitchens of the restaurants or hotels, is what is intended, but not remove the point from warmth of a home.

The industrial style can be adapted according to taste, but there will be common elements such as colors and materials. That is, highlight the steel or aluminum in their components, such as tables, chairs, countertop, appliances, etc..