Advantages and disadvantages of parquet flooring

Enjoying a parquet floor at home is a great comfort that many of us desire, due to its cozy aesthetics and great advantages.

The installation of the parquet floor for the home offers us, in addition to its advantages, different options both in its installation mode and type of floor, since, when choosing the wooden floor for our home, we have different alternatives that fit our needs and budget.

parquet flooring

Surely you have ever asked yourself the typical question, is it worth putting parquet on the floor of my house? And once you have answered that you want to use parquet instead of cold and sad tiles, surely you have asked yourself the following questions: parquet or decking? And of course, you always end up reaching the million dollar question: Can I find cheap parquet?

That is why if you are doubting whether to put parquet on or not, in the following article we will explain the main advantages and disadvantages of parquet flooring.

Advantages of parquet flooring

advantages of parquet flooring

Parquet adds beauty and appeal to your home

There is no doubt that parquet is much more beautiful and welcoming than sad tiles and that, with a good parquet floor, you can give your hours a unique appeal.

Not surprisingly, natural wood parquet has been used for centuries by royalty and the wealthiest families to give a special touch to their homes.

Parquet is easy to maintain

Parquet is much less work to clean than any other floor. Whether any types of parquet, they will generate much less garbage and dust than other types of floors. With a simple sweep and regular cleaning, your parquet floor will shine with a special light, making you feel like you are living in a palace.

Of course, it is forbidden to use abrasive or rough materials that are not specially designed for cleaning parquet floors.

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Good parquet lasts for years

With proper care, which as we have seen in the previous paragraph does not have to be very exhaustive, the parquet floor will last you for years.

Above all, you should avoid humidity and aggressive materials with the wooden parquet when cleaning it. By following these simple steps, your family can enjoy parquet flooring for generations.

It is precisely this aspect that must be taken into account when deciding; there are people who, when they consult parquet prices, mistakenly think that parquet is an expensive floor. Nothing is further from reality, cheap parquet if you take into account two factors: its duration and the one that we will see in the next paragraph.

Parquet adds value to your home

A house or a flat is what economists call an asset and, as an asset, it is capable of valuation. In the same way that the value of a shirt is not the same whether it is made of cotton or silk; the value of a home varies depending on the elements that compose it.

parquet adds value to your home

Parquet flooring is undoubtedly an added value that real estate experts take into account when evaluating a home. Any type of parquet floor adds value to your home compared to a tile floor.

As we said before, when evaluating parquet prices it is very important to take into account that parquet or flooring, synthetic parquet, gray parquet, laminated parquet, floating parquet and even wooden parquet make your cheap parquet an element that you can make a lot of use, both in terms of comfort and in terms of economic valuation.

characteristics of parquet flooring

Parquet acts as a thermal insulator

One of the main characteristics of parquet flooring is its ability to insulate you from the cold. With the parquet floor you can go barefoot around your own house without fear of catching a cold, gaining both comfort and warm.

Disadvantages of parquet flooring

However, like all things in life, parquet has some disadvantages that are worth analyzing to be able to weigh in the balance when we make the final decision. The main disadvantages of parquet flooring are:

Parquet is affected by sunlight

Parquet flooring can change color and lose shine with long-term exposure to sunlight. However, this has an easy and effective way of prevention: play with the arrangement of the furniture in your house to achieve a balance in the exposure to sunlight.

Parquet can be damaged by moisture

As it is made of wood, parquet floor can be damaged by excessive humidity, making it difficult to repair. However, avoiding leaving damp objects on the floor and using slightly damp rags will adequately protect your parquet flooring from this danger.

Parquet is susceptible to scratching

Parquet is susceptible to being scratched by contact with sharp objects, high-heeled shoes or by the permanence of garbage for a long time that can generate abrasion.

For this reason, it is vitally important that, like all important things in life, you take care of your parquet flooring so that it does not suffer damage that will be difficult to repair later.

Parquet needs to be polished frequently

To get a long-lasting shine on your parquet floor and make it look like the first day, it is important that you polish, sand or seal it frequently. Otherwise it will lose its natural shine and therefore a very important part of its charm.

tips to preserve parquet

Tips to preserve parquet

If you already have parquet at home or have decided to put it, remember these tips to protect it from premature aging, and always look beautiful and shiny:

  • Install a carpet on the door of the house, the dust that comes from outside erodes the parquet.
  • Try not to wear shoes at home, especially sharp heels and even less during rainy days. Mud and moisture damage this type of soil.
  • Cover the legs of chairs and some furniture with bumpers. They are sold with stickers and, thus, by dragging them, we will not damage the floor so much.
  • If a glass of water or similar spills, wipe it dry immediately with a soft cloth.
  • Do not clean it with the same soap as other floors. There are specific products for it, or, better yet, finish with vinegar and a few drops of essential oil to preserve it naturally.
  • If your parquet is subjected to intense sunlight during the day, try not to hit it directly or it may cause discoloration of the wood.
  • Avoid vacuuming every time you clean it. There are brushes with special bristles that are much more delicate with it. Many times, a soft mop will be enough to get rid of the dust.
  • If there are scratches in the floor after a while and they are not very deep, repair them yourself with putties to restore wood.


As we have just seen, parquet flooring has advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages of this type of flooring weigh much more in the balance than the disadvantages in terms of attractiveness, comfort, convenience and even in economic terms.