Advantages and disadvantages of parquet flooring

Whenever we hear of warm, welcoming and friendly which is a parquet floor. However, as with everything, the floor has both advantages and disadvantages.

parquet flooring

It is obvious that the floor is one of the more popular materials at the time when decorating a home; moreover, if we want to buy a flat and this has parquet floors, the property price will be higher.

Warm and durable but with regular maintenance
The warmth offered by the parquet flooring and its resistance, any time a good maintenance is carried out, these are undeniable. If we add to this that is able to integrate seamlessly into any decor and have different shades, there are many who can’t resist placing it at home.

But not everything can be perfect and the parquet floor also has some disadvantages. Among them, we can highlight that to keep it in perfect condition we sand it with some regularity to keep it bright and smooth as the first day. If we also take pets or children at home, the maintenance will be higher.

Another disadvantage of parquet floor place at home is that sometimes the wood can be noisy when we walk on it, especially if we have not placed it in the correct way.

A great competitor, the dais
In the last years, the parquet floor has left place to the soils of laminated wood (a type of artificial wood) and commonly known as dais.

This is much more economical than wooden floors and, although it also has many advantages, it is still a synthetic material that is unlike parquet floor, which is made by natural wood. Clearly, the quality is not the same.

In any case, the decision to place or not parquet floor should be pondered taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages that we have mentioned, and evaluate which of these features is heavier.