Add autumn touch into your bedroom

Fall is here, and to integrate with it we can turn around our bedroom decoration, autumn getting that touch that makes it so cozy and so comfortable. The brown tones are the secret.

autumn style bedroom

If we don’t have the possibility to change the furniture, but we intend to give an autumnal touch to the bedroom, color is one of the great strengths with which we play. The bedding, cushions or curtains will become our greatest allies.

The importance of color
The most commonly used colors in autumn style bedroom are natural tones, the earth and the camel. We even get to the green garnet or dark, to remember the colors of the leaves that meet walking down the street.

If we are not convinced by the excessively dark tones, we can use vinyl or beige light colors that stand out from the brown, to give a little more light to our bedroom.

We do a general review by the tones ideal to give this room an autumn air: Brown, Orange, yellow, ochre, touches of gold and any other similar range. We can play with them to achieve a luminous room, while a priori seems that these tones are much muted.

Textiles as major players in the fall
Some of the most common items we use every day in our bedroom can also become decorative objects. It is the case of blankets, strategically place them will feel comfort and make the room much more welcoming.

Another detail is the changes the curtains, if they are very fine can opt for a thicker which will give the feeling of that protect us from the cold outside.

A carpet is also a detail that will remind us that autumn has arrived, but we have the perfect items to not catch us unprepared.

We will have the feeling that our bedroom is one of the coziest rooms of the home, thanks to the touch of autumn that we have been looking for mixing these objects and colors.