A trunk, different functions

If there is a decorative element that can help us to perform multiple functions, that is the trunk. Today we want you to know how to make the most of.

trunk decoration

A trunk can be placed in virtually any room of the house, being also a decorative element, a good way to keep the house tidy.

coffee table

Use as a coffee table

Depending on the style of the trunk and the decor of our home, we use it as an original coffee table since, as a rule, its height, if it’s a large trunk, perfect to carry out this function.

Use as a cabinet

But besides being a beautiful and original table, it will be useful to store different items that we do not want to be in sight. We can use that as bar cabinet, library cabinet or just as occasional furniture to store things that do not use regularly.

trunk decoration

Using in bedroom decoration

If we want to place trunk in bedroom, the best option is to put it at the foot of the bed, a perfect place and that will help us to undress and to help, for example, keep the bedding.

In the place that we have space in the aisles, which is always much more complicated decorating, we can put them in that area to serve us as a seat or to store shoes, umbrellas and other daily life instruments.

Vintage touch

Add an original touch to your room or guest room with a stack of trunks in an empty corner of the room. Place the coffers one on top of the other (from largest to smallest) and in the last one put some pieces of decoration. There is no specific height. The more there are, the better they look. Inside you can store things that do not weigh too much.

As a stand for television

Forget about the typical boring stands and place a wooden chest to support your television. Make sure it is wider than the TV itself in order to have a little more surface to place a decorative object. A not too big plant looks great.

Pet bed

Depending on the size of your trunk, you can turn it into a dog bed or a small kitten crib.

Paint it, cover it with fabric, or fill it with faux fur. Whatever you do, have fun making this the most unique pet bed ever.

trunk storage

Huge variety of styles and colors

If our house does not have much space, the trunk can become the perfect item to store things while performing other functions as we have commented before. But we must be careful because not any trunk serves us. Pay attention to the style and should not break the stylistic consistency of the rest of the room.

The great advantage of the trunks is that it’s also have many designs, colors and materials that will blend with the decor of our bedrooms, whatever style we have.

So you know, if you want to give a different touch to any room, do not hesitate to buy a trunk.


We hope these ideas have helped you when decorating your home. A trunk is not only a decorative element, but it also helps us to have more storage space to store the items we want, from clothes to anything we want.

Did you like these ideas? Do you know any other original way to give a special touch to your home with trunks?