A secret room in the child’s bedroom

The children have an inner world full of fantasy and magic, that’s why they love enjoying places in which to hide, make their small stages and get the best out of their imagination. If we can create a secret room in the children’s room of our children, we will make them happier in the world.

child secret room

We can create little hiding places or secret places where the little kids can feel they are in a unique and exclusive space for them and their friends. Passageways and secret doors get further develop their imagination and awaken the magic and mystery in their games.

The ideal spot: the closet
Depending on the amount of space we have in the child’s bedroom, we will put this secret room on either side. For example, in a large closet we can create in the bottom portion with a space form of passageway that children have the ability to hide there to play. If you put some battery lights will be a perfect place for entertaining.

If we are fortunate to have a large room, we can place the cabinet away from the wall a bit and in the resulting space between them create the secret room with fabrics for example, as a tent.

A corner with fabric and imagination
If we are unable to place this secret room inside the cabinet, we can do something more rudimentary, but the little ones will love equal. Just have to find a hole in the room and, with fabrics and a bar, cover a space in which we will place many cushions and a carpet. This is the place where kids can unleash their imagination, thinking found in thousand places like a castle, a cave or anything else that comes to mind.

Another idea, which is somewhat more complicated, is to use two adjacent rooms. One will be the child’s bedroom and the other the playroom. Together we can create a sort of tunnel rather than a common door. They will love to explore the small passage to get to the playground.