A quick and attractive technique for your walls: sponge painting

If you want to give a different look to one of the rooms in your home, or just you’re tired of seeing the same wall and want something different, but you’re not willing to spend much time or money, there are several options that you can decant, techniques that are cheap and easy. One of them is sponge painting.

sponge painting

It is a simple technique with which you will spend very little paint, the result can be spectacular. You can use this technique on all the walls of a room or only one of them or a piece, in order to distinguish an environment.

The technique is very quick, and involves applying paint on the walls with a sponge. Have to pour a small quantity of paint in a container, then introducing it previously sponge dipped in water, draining the excess paint in the container. Apply the paint with soft touches and scattered throughout the painting surface that you want. It’s that easy.

The outcome will depend on several factors, such as how to take the sponge. In the shops sell it with very diverse forms, already earmarked for this purpose. Also depends on the layers stay, one above the other, which can be the same color or different colors.

The only thing that may be difficult for this technique is the choice of colors. Normally, the first layer is usually given in a tone similar to that of the base wall even more intense. However, there are those who seek the contrast, and, on top of a dark base wall, give a first layer in a very light color, even white.

For color choices must take into account, of course, factors such as the furniture or the style you want to acquire the room. The layers can do also with the same color but increasingly strong tones, which usually give a very attractive result.