A Moroccan style terrace

Increasingly, to the time of decorating a home we are looking for small corners in those who feel that we travel to exotic places. The decorations were more successful in recent times have been the oriental style. Today we will talk about Arabic or Moroccan style decoration, but for our terrace.

moroccan style terrace

The truth is that the Moroccan decor is much less difficult to achieve than we might think, just need some imagination, a little space on the terrace and… the rest is coming now!

What we will need for a Moroccan terrace?
It is common to placed prettily seat with huge cushions. If we also have the option to put everything under a pergola, succeed in creating the environment that will be spectacular.

Another item that we should ask and can find in any store in selling exotic goods, or even the second-hand or vintage is an auxiliary table to decorate with wrought iron lamps or typical Arab lanterns. They come in different sizes and designs; they can be painted in various colors, with carved wood, with some details in gold, those based on forging, etc. There are models of tables to suit all tastes.

Water source, pillows and hookahs
Although it is normal in Arab terraces there is a water source. We can try to mimic this type of sources that are electric and take so long in fashion.

The rest of the decorative elements are well known: hookahs, teapots and typical Moroccan glasses.

If our idea is to recreate this style but want to give it a touch of modernity, another option is to use all these elements, but instead of the typical patterns and fabrics that we would use to mimic the 100% Moroccan style, we should opt for smooth fabrics in combinations of bright colors.

So, we know if we call attention to the Arab culture and its decoration, take advantage of the terrace to make it a little Moroccan spot.