A garden in my balcony

With spring just around the corner and the temperature quickly getting warmer, it’s time to spruce up your balcony.

garden in balcony

Just like everybody else, I really love spending time on my terrace, especially during the spring and summertime. The reality of it though is that a terrace or balcony is not very big. However, you can make it a little springtime paradise with a few decorating tips and tricks.

This season, having a terrace garden has become really chic and there is nothing to stop the blooming of spring flowers. Flowers are the quickest and easiest way to bring color and vibrancy to the space that has had little life during the winter months. Just as easily as flowers can bloom, they can also wilt. One of the biggest mistakes people make is overwatering a plant and essentially drowning it. Many tech savvy gardeners and go green enthusiasts have been installing water flow measurement tools to monitor how much water certain areas of the house are receiving.

garden in balcony

Now is the time to start customizing your terrace. Fun flowerpots, a cool table, colored chairs, lanterns and some outdoor lighting can really help personalize your balcony and turn it into a mini garden paradise. Creativity and originality is the key to getting the most out of your terrace or balcony. Try and play up the natural lighting and color scheme to add to the decor and overall look of your balcony.

Small details are enough to brighten your terrace up during the cold months. There are some key tips to making the most of the small space you have on your balcony. These three things are things you should always have: plants or flowers, a table and chairs set and any decor that adds color.

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