A colorful home

If you are thinking of giving a twist to the decor of your home to make it a more fresh and colorful place, then you can not miss this article that we are going to tell you what a colorful home.

colorful decoration

A colorful home conveys liveliness and joy. Undoubtedly, it is a decorative style recommended for people looking to give a modern and youthful touch to their home. So if you feel identified, here we tell you everything you need to know about the decorating.

Colorful decoration in your home

A colorful decoration consists of mixing and presence of various colors in a room. But of course, always thinking that these colors combined properly, otherwise, it would be make no sense and would be a stay tacky and without taste.

If you do not know very well what combination to choose, don’t worry, here are some of the most used:

  • Orange-green-white
  • Green-purple-white
  • Pink-orange-green
  • Purple-green-pink

When you have chosen one of these combinations, the next step is to associate each color with an element of the room, i.e., the wall color, furniture and other decorative objects.

You must know that there are several ways to approach a colorful decoration. For example, one option is to choose a green sofa with green cushions, white walls and orange curtains. While another option you can play more with the colorful fashion accessories. For example, a pink sofa with intervening green and orange cushions.

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Tips on colorful decoration

For a colorful decor highlights at home, it is recommended that it be used only in some rooms of the home. For example, in the lounge or in any bedroom. Not all of the home should be invaded by color, but the rest of the home should follow a softer decor.

A wall also allows playing with colors, for example, can go one wall two colors, one above and one below, enter striped orange or white and paint two walls in two different colors, such as orange and green.

This style of decoration can play with decorative elements, so both chairs, lamps, cabinets and tables, such as rugs, cushions and curtains will be key elements to turn a room into a stay colorful.