A color for every day of the week, which plays today?

According to our mood, even without realizing it, choose a color with that dress. This is closely related to the day of the week, because we don’t woke up Monday with the same joy that a Friday. But … what if we also choose a color for each day of the week in the decor of our home?

choose color

And it is that just that we don’t like to always be dressed in the same way; our home does not have to be always decorated in the same way. A good way to renew is to choose a color, especially for decorating our house by day of the week. Obviously there is no question be painting the walls or changing furniture on a daily basis, but yes, we can customize small decorative elements, like vases, cushions or flowers, favoring a few colors or others depending on the choice.

Monday in white or silver
Mondays are busy days; we have to start again the week after a few days off, so it is important that we choose neutral colors like white or something more daring such as silver, to give a little more serenity at home. Above all we must avoid blacks so that we do not even more uphill the day.

Tuesday in red and orange
The warm colors always help us to re-energize. There is still much week ahead and we need to face it with the greatest possible strength, so there is nothing better than a red tone in the home, which is synonymous with passion.

Wednesday in purple and magenta
We are already almost mid-week, a good time to start to see all the issues that we have already solved, we analyze that remain and start planning the weekend. The range of purple and magenta are very relaxing, so it is not bad to use them this day.

Thursday in Blue
On Thursday, despite the fatigue, otherwise things are because Friday is almost here. Blue is a tone that brings serenity, so we should take advantage of it to give the final push to the week.

Friday in Pink
Friday begins the most relaxing time of the week, the weekend is upon us and the pink is a vivid color that will help us even more to enjoy on the weekend begins.

Saturday in black
We did not choose this color because it’s depressing or much less, but by the glamour and night, because Saturday is the day of the week in which most enjoy these moments.

Sunday in yellow
Sundays are the best days to do things, go jogging, go to the field, etc. Any excuse serves to leave home and yellow is the color of sunshine, a good way to keep energized once we get home; so that we renew our mind to face the new week begins.