A challenge in the decoration: Yellow color

By the time we decided to paint the house to give it a look and feel different, or simply one of the rooms, the first in what we think, of course, what color is going to.

yellow color

In fact, although there are colors more risky than others, and which constitute a challenge, all of them are suitable for decoration. Whichever you choose, the result can be excellent if we do it with taste and suitable combinations and accessories.

One of the colors that could be considered difficult is yellow. If we chose we shall have to put the five senses on this, but on the other hand it’s still worth a try since it is not only a color full of life and very cheerful, but has the advantage that it gives to the room in which applies a great luminosity.

Combined with certain colors, you warrant quite the result, with shades such as blue or gray, and, of course, also with white.

There are also more daring combinations, which, however, if done properly, can give spectacular results. This, combined with orange or light green tone, granted the place a great freshness, making it pleasant and even giving joy to him who is.

When choosing the yellow color, you can opt to paint the walls of this color and combine the furniture and items, or, on the contrary, which are upholstered and other details that go into a yellow wall in combination with gray, blue, white or, as mentioned, even orange or green, depending on the intensity of color that pretend to obtain.