7 Tips For Keeping Your Home Clutter-Free

A cluttered home leads to a cluttered brain. We’ve all experienced that terrible feeling: your home is a mess, every surface is cluttered, but the prospect of tackling it just feels too overwhelming. If your home is already at that state, it’s time to take a deep breath and take action. If not, it’s still important to take pre-emptive anti-clutter steps to ensure that your home remains neat and your stress levels stay down. Follow these tips for the clutter-free home of your dreams.

home clutter free

1. Have a major clearout. At least once a year, you should give all of your furniture and possessions a long, hard look to decide if they really belong in your home. If you replaced your washing machine but still have the old machine hanging out in your garage just taking up room, this is the moment to say goodbye. Gather up all of the items you no longer use and have a yard sale. For broken items or waste that nobody wants, call in cheap rubbish removal sydney for some extra help.

2. Carefully consider your purchases. Every time you’re tempted to buy something new, whether it’s home decor or a new pair of jeans, take a moment to consider whether you truly need it or not. Having too much stuff in your house quickly leads to a clutter disaster, so try to minimise the amount you bring in.

3. Invest in storage solutions. A lack of sufficient storage in your home is a fast route to a messy house. If you don’t have enough storage space, invest in some smart storage solutions so you can pack everything away properly. Neat stacked boxes, drawers, and shelves are all handy for keeping your possessions stored neatly.

4. Donate old toys and books. Every time your child gets a new toy or gift, make a game out of finding an old item they no longer want to donate to charity. Keep a specially decorated charity box in your home where anyone in the family can drop of items they’d like to share with those less fortunate.

5. Set aside a few minutes each day for de-cluttering. If you let clutter build up, it’ll only become more difficult to deal with. Set a few minutes of your day aside for tackling clutter – 5 minutes before bed is usually ideal, particularly if you have kids. Do a quick check of each room and put things back where they should be.

6. Take on one room at a time. For those who are already facing a clutter monster in their home, avoid getting overwhelmed by breaking the job down into smaller tasks. Focus on one room at a time instead of facing the whole house at once. Make realistic short-term goals for cleaning each day – little by little the job will get done.

7. Keep clutter spots in your home. It can be difficult to know what to do with some of the clutter around your house. Try putting specific clutter spots in place, like a box in the living room, or a bowl on the dining room table, where you can throw small items that you’re not sure where to put at the moment. This will keep them out of the way until you’re ready to get more organised.