7 proposals to change the look of a room

A new season and you’re bored of seeing the same room, it longs to you for a new panorama, but no change in substance and without investing a lot of money, and it is possible with these seven proposals to change the look of a room.

change the look of a room

The details are the key and on many occasions, with a couple of touches the stays of the home change of style by adapting to trends, styles of mood or taste; it all depends on how you look, but with 7 proposals to change the look of a room, you will achieve what you propose.

Paint or papers
You decide what you can or what you want, but if you decide to change the color of the walls of your living room the change is assured. Depending on the degree of change that you look you can choose to paint only one wall, put wallpaper over a particular area as the dining room or your reading corner. In any case, remember that pastels are fashionable and also burgundy.

Redecorate wall
This is a change you can do in a few hours without investing a lot of money either. You know what you have now in your walls of the room: paintings, photos … remove them all, and you have two options: change by new details or redistribute those who have a totally different way.

For example, plays to compose forms with many small images, includes a mirror – if you not previously failed it – a wreath or cord from which you hang the pictures before… everything happens for innovating and throwing imagination.

A crucial point in a key and stay full of activity as the room is its lighting. Check out what you have and change the concept. Always bet advantage of natural light to the maximum and do not forget that the more warm and comfortable lighting bring it indirect lights scattered at strategic points in the living room. If you don’t have, you try installing LED lights on the shelves, for example.

Change textiles
A perfect way to give a total change to the living room is to renovate textiles, including curtains, upholstery chairs, and blankets or covers sofas and cushions. If you like, for example, enjoy a vintage lounge committed to liberty or boho, as well as pastel colors and prints. The tartan type boxes are also perfect for medium-sized cushions.

Especially comfortable and suitable for seasons like winter and autumn, but valid for all time thanks to new materials and finishes, the carpets are an essential complement in any lounge. If you like classic, place it in the rest area, if you dare with a fur rug or different materials show it off in the dining area or in the center of the room as the star piece of your new living room.

No more excuse, there are indoor plants easy to maintain and resistant, also adding a new air to your living room recalls that many of them have the ability to cleanse and help purify the air. Choose several small pots, but diverse and place them in the lounge or on a ladder, if you have space.

Incorporates some new auxiliary furniture or renew any of the ones that you have
The changes of furniture are expensive, but if you are useful to give some new touch to those that you have, your living room will appreciate the change. Among the simplest ideas: change handles, add curtains to the windows … paint the side table or just the dining room chairs.

With different types of boxes, tires, pallets and a lot of elements and materials from recycling you can make the simplest and cheapest way new occasional furniture for your living room.

These seven proposals to change the look of a room are interchangeable, combinable and very inspiring for you to contributions the most personal and unique touch to your home.