7 Keys to keep order at home

It does not matter if your home is bigger or smaller: if it is tidy it will look much more in all aspects and it will be more comfortable. With these 7 keys to maintain order at home, there will be no space to resist.

maintain order at home

A disorderly house not only always seems much smaller, darker and even dirty, but it directly affects your quality of life, reducing time and energy, as well as demanding a lot of patience when carrying out daily tasks. If you need to end this situation, these 7 keys to maintain order at home will be the best recipe.

Having few things

This first point seems obvious, but it is by far one of the keys that are applied with greater difficulty and to a lesser extent; however, it is a basic and essential key that also works in all types of homes, families and circumstances.

You have to propose to have few things in all the senses – always within the possible one, that is to say, it applies for clothes and accessories, for decorative objects … but also, for cleaning products, tools … absolutely for everything, it is always possible to have fewer things that you have in a house. Try to prove it and you will be surprised by the amount of things that are left over and that prevent you from enjoying the order of your home.

A place for everything

The most efficient form of organization is that which designates a specific and fixed place for each thing. This standard also can and should be applied from the bedroom to the bathroom, passing through the kitchen and the living room. If you determine a place for everything that you have at home, it will be much easier to pick up and remove or use.

Cleaning also becomes much more comfortable and faster, if all the elements of your home are always in the same place. The ideal is that you organize your house, according to your order and needs, and that, based on that; you will look for a suitable place for everything. If you share the house or live with your family, it is necessary that the place where the things are kept is known by all the inhabitants of the house.

Always return and without excuses the things to its place

The previous key will be useless and totally absurd to maintain order if it is not accompanied by this routine: always return and in the moment things to their places. This custom is in many cases difficult to acquire, but once it is controlled, you will see how the order lasts in your house, you will notice how much less it takes to find what you are looking for, and you will never see anything in places that do not correspond that you will earn in comfort and space throughout your home.

Use management, organization and storage systems

The order in a house is today simpler than ever. In response to the need of order of the current society, where houses are smaller in size in general and it is essential to take advantage of the space for change accessories, manufacturers have designed efficient systems of organization and storage for all parts of the house: the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom closets… there are dividers for the drawers, cupboard organizers, special hangers to save space and hang several pants at the same time… Look in your house, detect your needs and get all the management systems and storage that you need. Really, they are useful and practical, and that suppose a good investment for the order.

Check and pull often

Even if you are very orderly and conscientious applying the keys to maintain order at home, you must also be realistic and practice shows that in a home – especially if it is shared by more than one person – with more or less time, things are accumulating, appliances… that have no real use or have ceased to have it. To maintain a long-term and lasting order, it is essential to check and pull often. You will discover the frequency with which you do this exercise of cleaning: in some cases it will be once a year and others, especially at the beginning, you will need to do it more often to overcome laziness and see the results of order that will encourage you to follow.

cleanliness and order


Cleanliness and order are intimately related and to deny it is to deny reality in most cases. A messy house is, or at least it seems, a much dirtier house; on the other hand, ordered households, even though they clean less, always seem cleaner, and cleaning lasts longer. On the other hand, housekeeping tasks are done better and faster in a tidy home. When you clean, you order and when you order, clean; do not forget.


This last key includes several details that are related to the appearance of order and with what decoration can help you maintain order at home. There are styles that are much more prone to order; For example, the Nordic – currently so fashionable – and the minimalist are two styles that advocate order. As for colors, for example, light tones and the range of pastel colors are synonymous with order. Natural light and homes with successful lighting always seem more orderly, spacious and balanced. The natural touches with plants or natural decoration also provide a sense of order.

With these 7 Keys to maintain order at home that best suits your needs and those of your home, your home will look not only orderly, but much better preserved, in better condition and with greater comfort; improving your quality of life substantially.