7 Ideas to install your outdoor lounge

It’s time to enjoy the sun and nature, if you are lucky enough to have a balcony, patio or similar in your home with these 7 ideas to install your outdoor living room, you run out of excuses.

install outdoor lounge

Low cost
If you do not have time or money to create a new outdoor living do not worry, just about to move or reuse much of the furniture of your indoor lounge and adapt it to the outdoors. You need shade, but a simple beach umbrella stand can serve, then search table and chairs, if your living rooms are too delicate… look at the kitchen or maybe you have for the beach or picnics. With a minimal budget, you can get with basic chairs and white plastic table and low cost resource for your outdoor living area.

If what you want is to mount an outdoor lounge with style, no doubt, bet on the vintage, it’s the hottest, besides being quite easy to create with some key details. Get an antique sofa or as it seems, weathered wood or wrought iron, many large and fluffy pillows. The tones, no doubt, pastel, choose mint green or dusty pink. If you can decorate the roof, canopy or pergola with flags and lights for the most magical vintage nights.

If not you conceive a living room without TV, console and/or stereo, the most important for your outdoor lounge will be to create the necessary conditions so that you can enjoy these devices also outdoors. You’ll have to install them in the most sheltered from the sun and summer storms area, as well as close to the interior, as you will need electrical outlets. A good alternative to the television are the waitresses or furniture with wheels.

An outdoor living room is perfect for reading, relaxing or doing your favorite craft. To create an outdoor space with this environment, bet on comfortable furniture, materials such as wicker or wrought iron; if you practice yoga or similar activities, booking a space with summer carpet or artificial turf. Garnish with herbs, stones and if you can afford it, install a small fountain, there are very simple and does not require installation and work in barely give a very zen point to your outdoor lounge.

When children are at home, there is no doubt the outdoor lounge must be designed for their enjoyment which will also be the adult. Keep it simple, cover the ground with artificial turf and purchases or manufactures large cushions, to fit on the floor. If you have children under 5, install a small sandpit guarantees you hours of entertainment safe and very beneficial for your little one. A pool however small, will also be a resource to value and of course, a child cottage. Be attentive to the safety of the space – railings – if it is a terrace.

In the hottest areas, outdoor lounges should be especially refreshing. Do not skimp on effort and budget to ensure shade for most of the day, always decorated with plants that provide cooling sensation, give shelter also to the soil of the heat with artificial lawn or wooden platform. The furniture always in light colors and if possible, installs a shower or pool.

An outdoor lounge can also become a perfect place to relocate your working space during the spring and summer, even until early autumn. In this case, you should consider your space requirements and environmental conditions.

These 7 Ideas to install your outdoor living show is simple and highly recommended to take advantage of the outdoor spaces of your home in the months of good weather, since they give you extra space with many possibilities.