7 Exercises of Home Exterior Designers

What grabbed your attention, searching for your current home? Was it (initially) the home’s exterior, helping one judge what awaited inside. People and appraisers think similarly. The home’s exterior makes a first impression, contributing to the overall cost of the home.

home exterior design

How much should you invest in your exterior and landscaping? Discuss your options with an appraiser, identifying points that need drastic and little changes. Exterior designers help owners augment present situations, placing them in better positions to sell their homes for greater values.

Power Wash
Power wash your home’s siding, sidewalks, and pathways. Sweeping rids the exterior of surface grime, but does not help alleviate the layers of dirt accumulated through time. Like a professional dental cleaning, your home’s exterior needs more than a daily scrub; it needs a power wash. Invest in a D.I.Y. effort, renting a power washer, or hire a service to address the need for you.

Lush Lawns
Green, lush grass is the dream of many homeowners who want to bring a bit of suburban element to their immediate surroundings. Healthy grass warrants time and care; it also dramatically improves the look of a yard when carefully cut and attended. Ensure you’re using proper chemicals and food, giving your lawn the essential nutrients it needs to look lush and beautiful.

Designer Doors
Doors are the entrances and exits to your welcoming abode. Like the overall exterior, doors quickly grab attention of visitors and appraisers. Are your current doors outdated or dilapidated? Appraisers and onlookers take note; give your old doors a renovation or consider investing in modern implements.

Fresh Paint
When was the last time you gave your home’s exterior a fresh coat of paint? Have you ever? Weather and time are the exterior’s enemies, slowly warping a beautiful facade. Give your home a facelift, investing the time and money into fresh paint and weather-protecting seals.

Extra Lighting
We mention the overall exterior is noticed immediately, yet at night, it’s difficult to appreciate all the home’s exterior has to offer. Designers counter dark nights with bright implements, encasing the outer perimeter of a home, providing colored, patterned, and randomly timed lights for practical and aesthetic purposes.

Vegetable and Flower Garden
For a portion of the year, augment the outer area of your home, creating a beautiful flower and vegetable garden. The flowers impress and awe onlookers, while vegetables serve as sources of nutrients, saving homeowners money in the process.

Flowers and bushes serve home exteriors for all parts of the year, while particular vegetables also grow seasonally. Water your green thumb throughout the year, taking note of when you can implement various flowers and vegetable in the garden.

Cabana Shade
Do you have a spacious front or backyard? Do you enjoy spending time outdoors with your family and friends during certain times of the day or year? Rather than opt for walks and outings, keep the gang at your house, instating a cabana in your front or backyard, replete with a wet bar, tables, chairs, and other amenities, such as a radio and television. Who says you have to leave your home for outdoor entertainment?