6 Ways to Make Your Home Look Awesome for the Summer

Summertime is the time to redecorate the interior and exterior of the property. There will be some mandatory cleaning, of course, and after that you will need to re-do the look of the house. Get rid of the thick curtains of the winter and the dusty cushions. Summer is the time to make your home look gorgeous and really cool, literally and figuratively speaking. Here are some tips that will make your home unique among many:

summer look

Big Flower Garden
Stop landscaping your garden. Don’t be afraid to let the flora grow wild. When the summer comes, plants flower seeds that will make your garden look absolutely colourful. Let the plants grow without pruning, so your garden looks like a wild forest. Natural is the preferred look these days, and it suits the outside more than the interiors. Only remove the occasional stray branch from pathways and outdoor sitting areas, if any.

Outdoor Hangout Spot
Summer means time spent outside rather than inside. So make space for a really amazing outdoor hangout spot, like gazebos, where you can invite your guests. If you already have one, consider decorating it with fairy lights to make your hangout spot dazzle in the night.

Swing Chair Table
What if you could have a table with swing chairs instead of the conventional four-legged ones? Swing chair tables are entirely possible, and they are overtaking the interior decoration world. Swing chair tables are suitable for indoors and outdoors, but could be preferred in areas like the patio. You can buy these pre-made from stores, but the price tag will be quite high. If you can’t afford a set and you’re a dedicated DIYer, you can make a swing chair table set at home. Guests, children, and pets alike will love a swing chair table set.

Vertical Kitchen Herb Garden
Summer is the time for growing things. Most households grow at least one pot of herbs during this season. Instead of growing a pot of basil or thyme on the windowsill, why not convert a kitchen shelf into an herb garden? If you have vertical kitchen shelves where you keep jars, this would be easy. If not, you can take a single kitchen shelf, clean it up and use it for growing herbs indoors. If you are sick of the same old look in the kitchen, the herb garden will certainly make you like the kitchen again. It will also make the room smell quite nice.

Beach Sand Fire Pit
Plan to have bonfire nights or barbeques in the summer? Then a fire pit is a must. Instead of installing a regular fire pit, add a unique twist by setting up the fire pit on a box filled with beach sand. Don’t make the box deep like a playground sandbox. Keep it shallow, but large. You and your guests can come into this makeshift beach when you want to enjoy a warm night swigging cold beer.

Moss Paintings
If you live in a particularly humid area, or can maintain some humidity inside your home, you can make your interior look verdant in the summer with moss “paintings”. These are really small tiles with moss grown on them. They may be slightly expensive to buy, but are easy to maintain for a long time.

Try one of the above garden decor suggestions to make your home look gorgeous this summer.