6 Silly Garden Decor Mistakes To Avoid

How often do you use your garden space? When people stop loving their garden, they stop using it. Don’t let space go to waste. Take the time to fix it up and work to make your garden a usable area. When you decide to revamp your garden, you will need to address some of the main issues in it. Here are six silly garden decor mistakes, that you’re probably making.

garden decor mistakes

Trying to fit too much in your garden

You need to be realistic about your garden space. If you only have a small space in your garden, you might not be able to have a pond or water feature. You may also need to keep plants and flowers low. Garden-lovers tend to want to do everything and anything they can with their garden. Sometimes, though, doing so is impractical. Plants need light and space to grow. If you make your garden crowded, your plants will die.

Choosing the wrong decor for your surroundings

Your garden decor style should suit your surroundings. If you live in semi-detached cottage, you need to choose natural decor themes to suit country life. If you live in central London, an urban, modern style of decor might suit your garden. When you are planning your garden area, you should think about your location. If your garden looks out of place, it will never be attractive. Think about how the gardens around yours look. You want your garden to look good, but you also want it to suit the environment around it.

Neglecting to your garden

When you leave your garden for too long, it will start to look old and shabby. Not tending to your plants and flowers is the worst thing you can do for your garden. When you leave plants, they tend to die. Sure, they might be getting rainwater and sunlight, but what about other nutrients? Most plants need extra nutrients in their soil to survive. You also need to trim plants on a regular basis so that they stay healthy.

Letting garden furniture rust

If you have metal garden furniture in your garden, you have to take good care of it. When the weather is bad, you should make sure that you bring the furniture inside your home. Doing so will mean that the furniture doesn’t rust. When metal gets wet, it tends to get rusty. Once your furniture has started to rust, it will be tricky to reverse the process. There are rust-prevention products you can buy, but they don’t all work. You’re better off bringing the furniture inside to prevent rusting.

Hurting the local wildlife

The local wildlife is important to your garden space. Many people think that all wild animals are pests. They set traps for small animals and exterminate bugs. In fact, wildlife will help your garden rather than hindering it. Take the time to learn about wildlife in your area so that you can help it. You can provide nests and safe places for wildlife so that you are helping the natural environment.

Ignoring weeds

Weeds are a huge problem in gardens. If you ignore weeds when they sprout on your lawn, you could find that they ruin your grass. Make sure that you get rid of any weeds when you first spot them. Doing so will mean that your garden stays healthy. Try not to use harmful, toxic products. Instead, pull each weed out by hand and ensure you pull out the root of the weed. Doing so might take a little time, but it will stop the weeds coming back and won’t damage other plants.